Pool Safety Checklist

All pool owners require a pool compliance certificate before selling or leasing their property. A compliance certificate must be by a certified person. Below is a checklist to verify whether your pool fence meets the new legislation..

Check your pool fence
□ There is a pool fence separating the pool from the neighbours.
□ The pool fence prevents access from the house to the pool.
□ The outside of the pool fence is at least 1.2m high all the way around.
□ The bottom of the pool fence is less than 10cm off the ground all the way around.
□ All vertical or near vertical fence posts are less than 10cm apart.
□ All horizontal or near horizontal fence rails are at least 90cm apart.
□ The pool fence is well maintained—there are no holes, or broken posts or rails.
□ The pool fence is at least 900mm away from any object that would allow a child to climb over the fence—BBQs, trees, rocks, shrubs, furniture, etc. Also if the gap exceeds 10mm, 300mm on the inside of the fence also needs to be clear of objects e.g. pot plants, rocks.

Check your pool gate
□ The pool gate closes by itself from any open position.
□ The pool gate latches by itself when it closes.
□ The pool gate opens outwards, away from the pool.
□ The pool gate is never propped open or tied back, or otherwise obstructed from automatically closing.
□ There is a latch release which is at least 1.5m above the ground or covered so a child cannot open the gate. Latch release also needs to be at least 1.4m from the highest bottom horizontal.

Check the doors and windows
□ There are no doors and windows that could allow a child to go from the house directly to the pool area.
□ All windows should be child-resistant. This means that windows are at least 1.2m above the floor or do not open wider than 10cm or have been fitted with security screens.

Check your pool signage
□ Is there a sign with CPR instructions (new version which mentions infants and children) is clearly displayed near the pool. Older CPR instruction versions are not compliant.

Visit www.dip.qld.gov.au or contact your local council for more information.

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